What is the cost & what does it include?

Your cost is $200. It includes two nights lodging, six meals, and materials. Scholarships are available if cost is a great difficulty.

What is my commitment?

Your commitment is to attend the entire weekend as outlined by the schedule.

What goes on during the weekend?

This weekend is designed to challenge you in your role as a Christian father and husband. That is accomplished through sharing by different men who have already agreed to share their own experiences as fathers in the context of their faith, and then through exercises in which all who are there discuss their own perspectives, experiences and hope for becoming better fathers and husbands.

What if I need to be reached or my family needs me?

A message center will be in operation 24 hours a day during the weekend should someone have a need to reach you.

What Should I bring?

Bring comfortable clothing for the weekend, enough for two nights and days. In addition, bring personal hygiene items and personal items you wish. Bring a Bible.

What not to bring?