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The Weekend

The weekend, put on by other men who are all dads themselves, is your opportunity to reflect, interact with other dads, and be challenged to grow in the most important job in your life. The weekend begins Friday night after work at Mother Cabrini Shrine in the Stone House Retreat center.

Once there, you will become part of what we call the receiving team—with about 12-18 other dads like yourself. Over the course of the weekend, a series of talks, reflections, and exercises will be given by a group of men who have volunteered to make the weekend possible—the giving team. Together, the talks and exercises will provide positive tools and insights to help all of us grow and better our skills and commitment to fatherhood. During your time on the weekend there will also be opportunity to interact with dads of all ages, Christian faiths, and walks of life.

Finally, you will be challenged to reflect on the spiritual side of fatherhood and deepen your relationship with God. Our hope is that you will encounter God like never before on this weekend. The program ends Sunday after lunch.


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Meet the Team

Each retreat weekend has a different giving team but don't hesitate to contact us.

Joe Gomez

The Funny Guy

A joy to be around!

Matt Dransfield

The Awesome

He knows his way around the Bible!

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